Special Dedication Poem to Charlie

Charlie boy, you were oh so sweet,

One of the greatest of friends I ever did meet,

Your great big smile and bright blue eyes,

A natural born leader and so very wise,

Although you left this world so soon,

We will look for you close by the moon,

For in the stars is where you’ll be,

Keeping a watch over not only me.

Your life with us is sadly now at end,

But we will never forget our cherished friend,

Who brought us happiness when we were sad

And showed us all that life was not all that bad.

Life’s an adventure you used to say,

You have to live life day by day,

So with your passing we will stay strong,

Because as you would say, life must go on.

Your trademark dreadies sometimes made heads turn,

You’d say ‘oi, listen n learn’,

If you got to know me n my cousin n brother,

You’d soon enough learn not to judge a books cover,

Although you never cared for what others thought or said,

You were an individual, ‘stooges born n bred’.

I hope now your life questions have been answered,

So you can just chill out n listen to rancid.

Charlie, You were an inspiration to us all,

You’d be there to pick up the peices when one would fall,

From knowing you our life’s somehow have more meaning

With you gone it’s hard to tell if we are awake or dreaming,

Knowing the length you would travel to help a friend

And never knowing what crazy adventure was around the bend.

You were the greatest son to have been born,

The greatest nephew to watch over,

The greatest cousin to grow up with,

The greatest fiance to have loved,

The greatest brother to befriend,

And a friend we will love until the end.

– C.W.


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