INTEX Drywall Systems Products

Intex Group supply premium products for the Building and Construction Industry.  They provide a massive product range which includes plasterboard accessories , tools and equipment. Here is a the range of products available:


  • Metal Plasterboard Sections - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterMetal Plasterboard Sections:

•External Corners •Perfect Angles •Backing Angles •Arch Beads •Casing Beads •Stopping Angles •Expansion Joints •Stopping Beads •Shadowline Stopping Angles •Shadowline Casing Beads •Render Sections •Bullnose Sections


  •  Ceiling Sections - IntexCeiling Systems:

•Primary Channels •Batten / Furring Channels •Wall Track •Exposed Ceiling Systems •Direct Fixing Clips – Batten •Direct Fixing Clips – Furring Channels •Channel Joiners •Primary Couplings •Primary Suspension Clips •Rod Suspension Components •Resilient Mounts •Adjustable Direct Fixing Assemblies – Top Cross Rails •Adjustable Direct Fixing Assemblies – Batten •Adjustable Direct Fixing Assemblies – Furring Channel •Suspension Rod/Wire •Utility Angles

  • Steel Stud Systems:

•Wall Track •Wall Stud •Deflection Head Track •Flexible Tracks •Bulkhead Angles •Noggings and Nogging Track •Top Hat Section •EzyJamb Systems •Metal Door Jamb Systems •Ezy-Jamb Accessories





  • Paperbead Sections - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterPaperbead Sections:

•Internal Corners •External Corners •Flexible Corners •Edge Trims •Bullnose Corners





  • No Coat Corner Systems - Intex supplied by Rosebud Plaster“NoCoat” Corner Systems:

Significant changes made to plasterboard technology, for every use imaginable:

•Ultraflex •Ultracorners – External •Ultracorners – Internal •Ultrabull •Ultra ‘L’ Trim





  •   PVC Mouldings and Trims - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterPVC Mouldings and Trims:

•Casing Beads •Divisional Moulds • External Corners • Internal Corners •Miracle Trim •Corner Tape • Arch Bends •PVC Stopping Beads •PVC Expansion Joints •PVC Reveal Beads •PVC Shadowline Beads •Super and Giant ‘L’ Beads •Ceiling/Wall Trim •PVC Bullnose External Corners



  •  Manhole Frames and Access Panels - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterManhole Frames and Access Panels:

•Manhole Frame Surrounds •Lockable Manhole System •Access Panels – PVC •Access Panels – PVC Hinged •Access Panels – Metal •Access Stairs •1 Hour Fire Rated Panels •2 Hour Fire Rated Panels •Plastic Vents •Ceiling Baffles





  •  Tapes - Joining and Corners - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterTapes – Joining and Corners:

•Fibre Glass Tape •Paper Tape •Tape Dispensers •Wet ‘N’ Stick Tape •Straitflex Drywall Corner Tape •Straitflex – Tuff Tape •Arch Flex Tape •Magic Corner •Ultra Flex •Cotton Tape •Flexible Tape •Packaging Tape •Repair Patches




  • Abrasives - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterAbrasives

•Sandpaper Sheets •Sandmesh Sheets •Sandpaper Rolls •Cushioned Velcro Super Pads •Cushioned Velcro Sheets •Foam Sanders •Abrasive Wheels






  • Sealants and Adhesives - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterSealants, Adhesives. Etc…

•Acrylic Gap Sealant •Fire Resistant Sealant •Silicone •Construction Adhesive •Spray Adhesive •PVA Adhesive •Stud Adhesive •W.R. Taping Cement •Bonding Additive •Super Bond •Citric Acid •Lubricants





  • Nails - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterNails

•Smooth Shank Plasterboard Nails • Ring Shank Plasterboard Nails •Screw Shank Plasterboard Nails •Galvanised Plasterboard Nails •Metal Batten Nails •Plasterboard Coil Nails •Fibre Cement Nails •Soft Sheet Nails •Underlay Nails •Bright Wire Nails




  • Coil Nails - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterCoil Nails

•Plasterboard Coil Nails – Ring Shank •Plasterboard Coil Nails – Twist Shank Hardened  •Fibre Cement Coil Nails






  • Screws - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterScrews

 •Bugle Head Needlepoint Screws •Bugle Head Self Drill Screws •Bugle Head Coarse Thread Screws •Laminating Screws •Button Head Needle Point Screws •Button Head Self Drill Screws •Wafer Head Screws •Pan Head Screws •Self Embeding Needle Point Screws •Self Embeding Drill Point Screws •Self Embeding Wing Tek Screws •Countersunk Head Drill Point Screws •Countersunk Head Type 17 Screws •Hex Head Drill Point Screws •Hex Head Type 17 Screws •Chipboard Screws •DIY Screws


  • Autofeed Screws - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterAutofeed Screws

•Zip Strip Autofeed Screws







  • Fasteners Construction - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterFasteners Construction

•Staples •Rivets •Sleeve Anchors – Hex Head •Sleeve Anchors – Countersunk Head •Suspension Anchors – Sleeve Type •Suspension Anchors – Wedge Type •Tie Wire Spikes •Metal Pin Anchors •Nylon Nail-In Anchors •Spaghetti •Mickey Pins •Masonry Nails •Wedge Nuts •Plasterboard Anchors •Threaded Rod •Threaded Spike •Pipe Spike •Suspension Brackets



Fasteners Powder Actuated - Intex supplied by Rosebud Plaster



  • Fasteners – Powder Actuated

•Drive Pins – 8MM Head •Washered Drive Pins – 8MM Head •Angle Clip Assemblies •Threaded Clip Assemblies •Collated Drive Pins •Drive Pins NK Series •.25 Calibre Disk Loads




  • Tips and Drill Bits - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterTips and Drill Bits

•Screw Tips •Hex Drive Screw Tip •Drywall Adaptors •Bit Holders •Hex Sockets •Double End Drills •Drill Bits for Metal •Masonry Drill Bits •Multifit Rotary Hammer Drill Bits •Countersinking Drill Bit





  • Power Tools - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterPower Tools

•Autofeed Screw Guns •Screw Guns •Batteries and Chargers •Mixers •Giraffe Sanding System •Dustless Sanding Systems •Dust Extractors •Saws •Powder Actuated Tools •Fibre Shears •Coil Nailers •Air Compressors





  •  Laser Levels - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterLaser Levels

•Rotary Laser Levels •Laser Levels •Accessories







  • Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools - Intex supplied by Rosebud PlasterAutomatic Taping and Finishing Tools

•Automatic Tapers •Taping Boxes •Fibre Glass Tape Dispenser •Loading Pumps •Internal Corner Rollers •Paperbead Hopper •”NoCoat” Corner Rollers •External Corner Rollers •Mudrunner •Corner Boxes •Corner Finishers •Corner Smoother •Mud Head •Flat Boxes •Flat Boxes – Power Assisted •Nail Spotters •Compound Tubes •Compound Heads




  • Tools and Equipment - IntexTools and Equipment

•Buckets •Plasterboard Carts •Caulking Guns •Chalk Refills •Corner Tools •Fibre Cement Cutters •Floor Scrapers •Hammers •Hawks •Joint Knives •Cutting Knives •Mitre boxes •Nail bags •Sheet lifting equipment •Aluminium Planks •Safety wear •Sanders •Saws •Staple Guns •Stilts •T-Squares •Tape measures •Taping Knives •Tin Snips •Trestles •Trowels



INTEX Dry Wall System LogoAll these Intex Drywall Systems are supplied by Rosebud Plaster – Dromana.

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